Sunday, July 18, 2010

hi everyone

i have had a good day have another couple of painting for sale. the lone boat is up for $50.00
and the chair on the seashore is for $25.00. hope you like them.
i love both of them. just reminds me of what we all need to do on holidays . RELAX! enjoy!!

So i have decided to sell my paintings

Hi everyone,
i have decided to sell my painting and art work. so from here on in they will be a little smaller than A4 size and mounted but not framed. Each painting will be $50.00 if you do want it framed then the cost of the frame will be added on top. Postage - you will be notified of the cost.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

hey everyone.

Its been awhile sorry about that chief. i have been working a lot.
Our Kia Carnival died and we had to ask my brother for $5500 for a shit box which is blowing (i think so anyway) toxic fumes into the car via the heater. so now we have drive in the dead of winter with the windows down. Sounds like a scene from a road trip movie or something but any how things seem to be turning around . I was walking around the shopping centre called Fountain Gate about 20 mins from me and i thought "That is it!~!!!!!! from here on in we are finanicially abundant and low and behold michael got three phone calls and two were for handy man jobs. worth about $800 together the other was for a interview .OMGOSHHHH!!!!! like he finally got a interview so that wonderful thick soft bushy beard got shaved off. oh well i will just have to toughen up. and then on friday he got a call from the company that gave him the flick 15 months ago. and he has an interview with them on thursday .... so heres hoping that he gets the job. that will put us back on track.

Andrew is on the home track to the last 12 of school. He is going to Lindemann Island for schoolies week, Luck Bastard!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hello friends

Its been awhile, i finally was working 23 hours a week managed to save at towards my trip to America to visit my best friend Krista. . Michael not having steady work has been really stress ful to say the least . so if i don't get many hours then i know i can't help him out with the bills. BUMMER

On the craft front i have been making a little green bag which actually turned out amazing. it doesn't hold much but i think i have falling in love with the little green bag.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

so i am reading as a man thinketh!

and i realise that most of what we are in now is of our own thinking ... bummer!!!!
i have focused my way out of situations before and know that it works. i know i have ,at night, sat in a quite room and visualize being slim to the point where i had lost 27 kgs and life got a lot easier . but the trick is to keep it up. and now 8 years down the track we are at a point where we are only just making ends met. so i have realised that i need to get back into the situation where i am visualising every night being slim flying over to LA to visit a dear friend , michael having a very well paid job.

i have stgart watercolour lessons from the internet. and i think i like them my first painting will be of three beautiful poppies though at this point one of them looks like it got a bit too much sun LOL!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

well what ya know!

i was half way through my paperun this morning and what do you think i saw? a kangaroo jumping across the street . you see i don't see them a lot around where i live man it just made my day/morning just to it hoppin' just as easy as you please.